Wannabe serial killer planned to murder Craigslist date and EAT his heart

An Edmonds, Washington, woman who planned to kill her Craigslist date and rip his heart out was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Tuesday.

KCPQ reported that Amy Caroline Brown, 24, said she was planning to become a serial killer. She also claimed she’s a psychopath who’s been tormented by homicidal thoughts since middle school.

Brown pleaded guilty last month to attempting to kill a man she met on Craigslist. Court papers obtained by My Edmonds News indicated that Brown stabbed Nicholas Johnson in a motel room on January 29. Brown jumped on top of the victim and said, “I am a serial killer,” before stabbing him in the chest multiple times.

The man escaped and retreated to a nearby Walgreens. Upon her arrest, officers discovered a note in Brown’s pocket which said she was a serial killer, planned to eat Johnson’s heart, and that she intended to “strike again,” the local paper also reported.

ORIGINAL Story: HORROR: Woman stabs Craigslist date and then tries to eat his heart!

“I decided I wanted to become a serial killer and claim my first victim. It didn’t work.”

Prosecutor Jarett Goodkin requested the maximum sentence, noting that Brown has exhibited an “egregious lack of remorse” for her actions. However, defense attorney Jennifer Bartlett argued that her client had a lengthy history of mental health issues and suddenly stopped taking her medications shortly before the incident.

Judge Michael Downes ultimately determined that Brown made the “cruel and conscious decision” to attack Johnson on the night in question.

“I am not often at a loss for words, but this case leaves me almost speechless,” he commented. “It is cruel, bizarre and beyond the pale in terms of how humans treat each other. Your behavior is anathema, and not tolerated in a civilized society. This is not a situation where a low-end sentence is appropriate.”

Brown will serve three years’ community custody after completing the 18-year sentence. In addition to being barred from possessing firearms, Downes imposed a lifetime restraining order against Brown on behalf of her victim.

[Featured Image: KCPQ (screengrab)]