‘I’ll (expletive) kill you’: Man in wheelchair accused of sexually assaulting infant in Chick-fil-A bathroom

A Florida man allegedly sexually assaulted a 2-year-old child in the bathroom of a Chick-fil-A restaurant and then threatened a witness with a stun gun, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Police on Friday morning arrested 35-year-old David Gray near the restaurant in connection with the incident.

The witness told investigators that he thought there was a problem when he saw a reflection of the child with Gray in a bathroom stall.

After the witness flushed a urinal, Gray reportedly panicked because he realized there was someone else in the bathroom, according to police records.

Gray then quickly got dressed, displayed a stun gun and attempted to prevent the witness from exiting the bathroom.

“I’ll (expletive) kill you,” Gray told the witnesses, according to police.

Gray, who was in a motorized wheelchair, ran over the witness’ foot with the device as he took the child and left the bathroom.

The witness then yelled, “Call the police; a child is being abused in the bathroom,” according to police.

Gray had been to the restaurant with children previously and had taken the same child into the bathroom before, a restaurant employee said.

Gray’s relationship with the child is not clear, but police have interviewed a woman who said Gray works at a daycare.

After an interview with officers at the Orlando Police Department, Gray reportedly said he would confess to what happened, records show.

“What else am I going to do? Might as well get it over,” Gray said.

Prosecutors have charged Gray with lewd or lascivious battery and molestation, sexual battery of a child younger than 12, child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He is in jail without bond.

To report information about the case, call 1-800-423-8477.

[Feature Photo: Orlando Police Department]