Nancy Grace argues for full-scale criminal investigation of Harvey Weinstein

Is Harvey Weinstein a serial rapist?

CrimeOnline‘s very own Nancy Grace spoke out on DailyMailTV on Thursday about the latest allegations against film producer, Harvey Weinstein.

So far, 32 women, all in the entertainment industry, have come forward and accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and/or assault, according to Vanity Fair. No criminal charges are pending against the film producer, and it’s something that Grace finds intolerable.

Among the reported victims is model and actress Zoë Brock, who told DailyMailTV’s Jesse Palmer that Weinstein insisted on giving her a massage, yet when she refused, he started crying and claimed she didn’t like because he was overweight.

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“He started crying?” Grace told Palmer. “He better start crying. Her story is very critical because it lays out a blueprint so to speak. What I’m talking about is similar transactions. The story she tells is so similar to the other stories [of victims], that it tends to corroborate or prove the other women’s stories.”

Grace alleged that since 1984, women have been filing complaints against Weinstein. However, she explained that certain jurisdictions have statute of limitations which would void claims from years ago, but the old claims can still be used “to bolster” the more recent claims.

When Palmer asked why Grace though Weinstein still hasn’t faced criminal charges, she said there is no explanation why with so much reported evidence, Weinstein remains free.

“Why haven’t charges been filed already? I don’t know–and I’ve been practicing criminal law for decades.”

Watch the full interview below.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/DailyMailTV]