Family affair: Mom and son strangle her estranged husband and disfigure his face with acid

A New York mother and son who strangled the woman’s estranged husband and mutilated his body before dumping him in the woods will go to prison.

Craig Rideout’s estranged wife, Laura, 46, and their son, Colin, 24, (pictured right) were sentenced Friday to 25 years to life on second-degree murder and evidence tampering charges. The pair were convicted of strangling Craig, 50, with a homemade garrote, disfiguring his face with acid, and dumping his body in a field, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

A jury also found Laura’s other son, Alexander, 20, (pictured left) guilty of helping to conceal the crime. He was sentenced Friday to one and a third to four years for each of two evidence tampering convictions, according to WXXI.

Prosecutors said Laura and Colin beat and strangled Craig in his Rochester home in July 2016. The Associated Press reported that authorities found his body wrapped in a tarp in woods in the Finger Lakes Region.

At the time of the murder, prosecutors claimed Laura and Craig were entangled in a nasty custody battle over their youngest seven children.

The victim’s sister, Robbyn Drew, said Craig yearned to repair the broken relationship with his sons.

“There’s nothing to be done to bring my brother back,” Drew said. “My hope is that he is be remembered as the kind, loving man he was.”

Defense attorneys for the Rideout brothers argued that their upbringing led them to commit the heinous deed: Colin, the eldest brother, acted as the protector and parental figure; Alex was eager to please, according to the paper.

“Colin Rideout never got to be a kid; he never had that benefit,” Matt Parrinello said. “He was forced to grow up way before any 22-year-old kid should have to grow up.”

Meanwhile, Laura’s attorney called attention to the victim’s mental illness and the allegation that two of their children were the product of rape.

“I don’t believe that … her inner person, her inner self, was capable of taking a life,” attorney Michael DiPrima commented. “Her ultimate judgment will be decided by God Almighty.”

Judge Thomas Moran said it’s unclear whether Craig was “one of the most wonderful people” or “evil [and] diabolical.” He ultimately determined it didn’t matter, calling the case “one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen” before handing down maximum sentences to the three defendants.

Laura, Colin, and Alexander will be transferred to state prison sometime this month.

[Featured Image: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office]