WATCH: Infants found in car with two overdosing, unconscious moms

Newly released video shows the moment when police and emergency crews found two Florida mothers passed out in a sports utility vehicle with their crying toddlers in the back, the Daily Mail reports.

Authorities were called to a parking lot shortly after 5 p.m. Oct. 5 for a report of two people passed out in a vehicle.

Footage from an officer’s body camera shows Kristen O’Conner, 27, sprawled in the front passenger seat as a paramedic works on her.

“I got two overdoses and two babies in the back,” the paramedic tells the officer.

The video shows the officer looking in the back of the vehicle where two children, both just 1 years old, are crying in their car seats.

The officer attempts to soothe the babies and tells them, “it’s okay, it’s okay.”

The footage later shows one of the mothers lying inside an ambulance. A paramedic can be heard saying that Narcan, a drug used to reverse overdoses, was administered to revive the women.

The officer attempted to comfort the anxious tots with pacifiers while O’Connor and her friend, 28-year-old June Schweinhart, got treatment.

“There you go … it’s okay,” the officer told one of the babies.

In statements to police, the pair revealed that they had met while undergoing drug treatment and had bonded because they were both pregnant. Their children were born within four days of each other.

O’Connor had secured the drugs — $60 worth of heroin — from an old dealer, according to the Daily Mail.

“For whatever reason, they decided yesterday to buy heroin and then snorted it while inside the car with their children,” the police department posted on Facebook.

O’Connor said Schweinhart drove her vehicle because she thought the woman would be better at navigating under the influence, according to police.

After O’Connor started to overdose, Schweinhart called 911 but then she also began convulsing.

“Oh my God. Oh my God,” Schweinhart reportedly said before passing out.

Both women were subsequently taken to a hospital. The babies were brought to the police department and later released to family.

The state’s child protection agency has been notified of what happened, and prosecutors have charged the women with child neglect.

A judge ordered that O’Connor may see her child only while the woman’s mother is present. As for Schweinhart, she is subject to randomized drug testing on at least a weekly basis; she also can visit her child only when another adult is with her.


[Featured Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]