Woman allegedly robs man as he has a seizure in 7-Eleven [VIDEO]

Utah police are searching for a woman who allegedly robbed a man as he had a seizure in a Midvale 7-Eleven.

Footage obtained by KSTU showed the woman taking a credit card from a man as he was on the floor suffering a seizure. The suspect is also seen stepping over the man and exiting the store without getting help. Police said the stolen credit card was used online a short time after the October 4 incident.

“While he was down on the ground, one of the customers went behind the counter, got into his back pocket, you can see in the video takes his wallet out and removes his driver’s license and a credit card,” Unified Police Department Detective Ken Hansen told the local station Friday.

Though the Unified Police Department originally said the victim was a clerk, he was later identified as Dustin Malone, a customer who previously worked at the store.

“I go completely stiff, my eyes go back, I lose consciousness and I collapse,” Malone told KTSU.

He said he has epilepsy but rarely has seizures in public places.

Malone, who worked as an Army medic for the National Guard, said he realized his credit card and license were gone and alerted police. He recalled receiving a text alert the next day that someone made a $130 charge at Hollister using his card.

“Nothing irritates me more as a healthcare provider than people who victimize other people,” Malone said.

Police recently released the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the mystery woman.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone who recognizes the suspect is instructed to call the Unified Police Department at 801-743-7000.

[Featured Image: KTSU (screenshot)]