‘I told you I would get you’: Brick-wielding mom allegedly batters teacher who took her child’s cellphone

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, teacher was seriously injured Wednesday when a fourth grader’s mother allegedly attacked her following a dispute over a cellphone.

KDKA reported that the student bit Janice Watkins, 46,  (pictured) a teacher at Pittsburgh King PreK-8 School, after Watkins confiscated her phone. Sources said the girl’s parents came to the school, where the mother threatened to “get even.”

From there, the girl’s parents allegedly followed Watkins in her car as she went to get her bite treated. The victim’s son, Gerald Watkins, claimed the parents got physical as his mother approached a red light.

“They threw a brick through her car. They pulled her out and assaulted her,” he told WPXI.

Watkins’ mother, Betty Davis, told KDKA that her daughter claimed two men were also present during Wednesday’s assault and that the fourth grader’s mother said “I told you I would get you” shortly before things became physical.

Watkins suffered facial injuries and lost a tooth in the alleged attack. She is in stable condition at a local hospital, according to the station.

KDKA reported that the student’s mother, Daishonta Williams, 29, denied throwing a brick at the teacher but admitted to punching her in the face. Williams allegedly claimed that during a meeting between her, her daughter, and Watkins, the child accused Watkins of choking her.

Williams reportedly said she was frustrated that school police didn’t take the allegation seriously and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Police said Williams is facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault, stalking, terroristic threats, and recklessly endangering another person.

“We are deeply troubled by the violent act against a teacher of the Pittsburgh Public Schools that occurred on the West End Bridge yesterday afternoon, and we are currently cooperating with the City of Pittsburgh Police Department’s investigation,” the school district said in a statement Thursday.

“Violence of any kind against a PPS staff member or citizen is unacceptable, and the individuals responsible must be held accountable for such horrifying behavior.”

[Featured Image: KDKA/screenshot]