‘Killer Clown’ suspect’s husband says second wife is ‘falsely accused’ of murdering first wife

The husband of a woman accused of dressing up as a clown and fatally shooting his first wife now says his second wife is innocent.

Michael Warren told ABC that Sheila Keen Warren, 54, is “falsely accused” of killing his first wife, Marlene Warren, 27 years earlier. Sheila is facing charges for allegedly pretending to be a clown with a flower delivery and shooting Marlene, 40, in front of her Wellington, Florida, home on May 26, 1990.

“This is very serious and very unfair,” Michael recently told ABC’s 20/20.

Marlene reportedly opened the door and was met by a clown holding bouquet of red and white flowers and balloons. Marlene was shot in the face and reportedly died from her injuries two days later.

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“As she went to take the flowers and balloons, the clown shot her. As far as I know, nothing was said,” Palm Beach County Sheriff’s spokesman Bob Ferrell told the Sun-Sentinel shortly after the incident.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Virginia police arrested Sheila on September 27 in connection with the decades-old case. In October, prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty for the 54-year-old who’s charged with first-degree murder.

“There was actually an excellent job of collection of evidence at the time in 1990,” prosecutor Brian Fernandes said at the time. “And because of that collection, we’re able to now use advances in DNA technology.”

Michael has denied any involvement in his first wife’s murder. Shiela and Michael got married in 2002 and relocated to Abingdon, Virginia, according to ABC.

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The victim’s parents said they’re happy Marlene will finally get justice. However, they don’t believe Sheila acted alone.

“She [Sheila] got away with it for so long,” Shirley Twing said.

“You can’t tell me that he [Michael] didn’t know. No way in heck … if there’s a hell, I hope she rots in it.”

“Marlene was a good person,” Bill Twing told ABC. “And it’s just a shame that somebody took her away from us…Nobody deserves that.”


[Featured Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]