‘It wasn’t an accident’: Pervert gym teacher gropes SIX young girls in one day

A retired teacher was convicted Friday of groping six seventh-grade girls when he substituted as a gym teacher one day in 2015.

The Oregonian reported that Norman Scott, 66, was found guilty of third-degree sexual abuse and harassment in connection with the October 5 incident. Prosecutors said Scott groped the girls over the course of four coed gym classes at Gardiner Middle School in Oregon City.

Most of the girls were 12 at the time. In court, the girls described how Scott touched their bodies, including on their breasts, thighs, and bottoms, on the day in question.

Scott waived his right to a jury trial, leading Clackamas County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Jones to determine guilt. Jones said that he found the girls’ testimony reliable.

“The possibility of accidental touchings is just not reasonable,” the judge said. “There are too many incidents for there to be one accident after another, after another.”

Defense attorney Jacob Houze unsuccessfully argued that his client was falsely accused, noting that the victim’s provided inconsistent statements to police. At one point, Houze claimed the girls were “simply wrong” about what they say happened.

Jones said he couldn’t find Scott guilty of abusing two other students because they originally denied that Scott had touched them, according to the local paper.

This isn’t the first time the Oregon City educator has grabbed headlines. In 2009, Scott reportedly wore a condom on his head and red underwear over his pants with a suggestive hole in the middle for a 10th-grade sex education class. A four-minute video of the ordeal hit the Internet, leading the school district to tell him to never teach in that manner again, The Oregonian reported at the time.

Despite Friday’s conviction, state records obtained by the same paper indicated that Scott still has an active teaching license that expires in 2020.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 16.


[Featured Image: Oregon City Police Department]