Runaway teens find themselves held captive at apartment run by sex traffickers

Police reportedly saved two teen runaways from a Brooklyn home where three alleged sex traffickers kept them against their will.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, two Ulster County girls, ages 14 and 15, went with the suspects to Brooklyn on October 17. NYPD spokeswoman Sergeant Jessica McRorie said the teens heard the suspects talking about “prostituting them out” on Saturday. When the girls objected and attempted to leave, McRorie said one of the suspects grabbed the 15-year-old and forced them back into the home.

After gaining trust from their captors, the girls were allowed to walk the suspects’ dogs at a nearby park. There, the 15-year-old contacted her father through social media, who in turn alerted police, WNBC reported.

Officers arrested Rocker Rudy, 19, (pictured) Donald Jackson, 19, and Berisa Nebahate, 19, all from the Bronx, and charged them with attempted compelling prostitution, attempted sex trafficking, attempted promoting prostitution, attempted labor trafficking and child endangerment.

Police said Rudy is also facing second-degree rape, assault, and criminal possession of stolen property charges, while Nebahate was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, according to the New York Post.

The Post reported that the girls were lured by a young woman who offered the pair modeling jobs. Rudy is accused of raping the 14-year-old and grabbing the 15-year-old by the neck and punching her when they tried to escape.

The New York Daily News reported that prosecutors accused the alleged traffickers of giving the teens Xanax, marijuana, oxycodone, and Dramamine to impair their judgment. The younger girl claimed that they planned to sell her on for $100 an hour.

“I’m glad that she’s home. I’m glad she’s safe. She’s shaken up, hurt, sad—the whole nine yards,” the younger girl’s father told the Daily News.

“There’s going to be a lot of counseling, one-on-one with my daughter and I. She needs to learn a lot of things—not to be as trusting.”

Rudy is being held on $150,000 bail while Jackson and Nebahate are jailed on $75,000 bail.

[Featured Image: News12 Brooklyn (screenshot)]