Psychic ‘targets’ Maddie McCann’s parents in cruel hoax, demands money for Maddie’s whereabouts: Report

A phony psychic allegedly tried to scam the parents of a little girl who has been missing for ten years.

The Daily Mail reports that the parents of Madeleine McCann, who vanished while on a family vacation in Portugal in 2007, have accused Susan Kelly of defrauding them by claiming to know what happened to their daughter but refusing to share any of her “visions” until Kate and Gerry McCann paid her.

The family’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, told the newspaper that Kelly said she had experienced a series of dreams in which she saw what happened to the little girl the night she disappeared from her hotel apartment bed while her parents were dining at a restaurant on the resort property. But she allegedly demanded payment before revealing any clues.

“I kept these dreams under wraps since that time as I was not sure that what I had dreamt could be relied upon as fact. I am now ready to reveal the dreams,” she told them, according to the Daily Mail.

“If you are interested, please make me an offer for each of three dreams individually.”

The so-called psychic reportedly claimed to be homeless and poor and said she was just trying to survive, not get attention.

Mitchell accused Kelly of attempting to commit and “extortion scam,” calling it a “cruel hoax.”

“It’s complete blatant lies and a potential extortion scam. It causes Kate and Gerry more unnecessary pain and I’ve alerted them and the police.”

It does not appear that the McCanns paid the pyschic any money.

“Anyone waiting more than 10 years to come forward having had dreams, allegedly, in the first week Madeleine was taken and now asking for money to divulge information seems very dubious,” Mitchell said.

“But it is entirely a matter for the police.”

[Feature image: Police handout]