‘Give someone your baby’: Disturbing videos show teens attacking woman while she holds her infant son

Two viral videos that reportedly showed an assault on an Oklahoma woman as she held her 6-month-old son have led to an arrest.

According to KSLA, a teenage girl was arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection with the October 18 attack. The victim, Janie McCoy, told the station that she and her son were invited to a friend’s home and were met by three people yelling at her.

“They said that I said something about somebody wanting to fight somebody that I had no idea what they was talking about,” Janie McCoy recalled, adding that she was on a swing with her son at the time.

“In that moment, I did not want to fight. I had my son with me; and if you know me, then you know that my kid comes first.”

In the videos uploaded to Youtube and Facebook, a girl is seen knocking McCoy to the ground with her son as they both begin to cry. A man can be heard telling the girls not to strike the mother while she holds her baby.

“Give someone your baby,” one teen is heard saying multiple times.

McCoy holds onto her child throughout the violent ordeal—even as she’s punched in the face multiple times. The main assailant is captured delivering a final punch to the crying mother as she heads into her friend’s apartment.

The mother told the station that she suffered bruising to her cheek and a busted lip and her baby wasn’t injured.

“I took him to the doctor to make sure everything was OK. He wasn’t hurt or anything, thank God,” she said.

*** WARNING: The video contains violence and graphic language. Please use discretion.***

Posted by Jeremy Mccoy on Monday, October 23, 2017


In a video posted to Facebook Monday, the victim’s father, Jeremy McCoy, asked viewers to share the video as none of her attackers had been arrested. The video has been viewed 7 million times and shared more than 150,000 times as of Wednesday night.

A police dispatcher told the station that the suspect and her mother appeared before a judge. No one else has been arrested following last week’s incident.

*** WARNING: The video contains violence and graphic language. Please use discretion. ***

[Featured Image: Facebook/KSLA (screenshot)]