‘All I did was try to love him’: Man tries to rip out girlfriend’s tongue during barbaric, near-fatal attack

An Indianapolis man who attempted to rip out his girlfriend’s tongue during a barbaric attack last year was sentenced to six years in prison.

WXIN reported that Ryan P. Cameron, 27, was arrested in October 2016 for nearly beating Carleigh Hager to death following an argument. After coming home from a wedding with some friends, Cameron became belligerent and locked his friends out the residence before carrying out the  assault.

Witnesses claimed they saw Hager try to get away from Cameron when he began strangling her. From there, Cameron repeatedly beat his girlfriend—and tried to pull her tongue from her mouth, according to WRTV.

The Indianapolis Star reported that officers discovered the victim covered in blood and unable to speak due to the nature of injuries. She was hospitalized for a bitten-off ear tip, tongue lacerations, brain bleed, a swollen blood vessel behind her eye, and bites on her back, chest, face, and arms.

Hager later told WHTR that the assault landed her in the intensive care unit. She also underwent reconstructive surgery for her tongue.

She reportedly cried as Judge Lisa Borges reviewed pictures of her extensive injuries.

“He used and abused me and all I did was try to love him,” she told the court.

Defense attorneys argued that Cameron blacked out on the night in question, leading him to attack Hager because he had too much to drink. They also claimed their client couldn’t remember what he did.

Cameron pleaded guilty in August to aggravated battery. On Wednesday, Judge Borges sentenced the Indiana man to six years in prison and three years on home detention. He was also ordered to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and a year of counseling.

[Featured Image: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department]