Beaten for Bible verses: Woman strangles, assaults daughter not reciting verses properly

A Pennsylvania woman will spend the next two and a half to five years of her life behind bars after she beat her daughter for not reciting Bible verses properly.

FOX43 reports that Rhonda Shoffner, 41, pleaded guilty on Thursday to aggravated assault, child endangerment, making terroristic threats, and endangerment. Dauphin County Judge John F. Cherry sentenced Shoffner to serve at least two and a half years in prison, with a maximum sentence of five years.

The sentence comes after a March 13 incident in Shoffner’s home in Middleton. According to court records, Shoffner had been “drunk for three nights straight” when she told her 13-year-old daughter to call family members to come pick her up. When family didn’t answer the calls, Shoffner made the little girl go to bathroom and kneel down.

The girl told authorities that she knew her mother was going to beat her, as she’s made her get on her knees on previous occasions before physically assaulting her.

“Please don’t hit me. I don’t want to get on my knees,” the little girl said, according to police.

At that point, an infuriated Shoffner screamed at the victim and demanded she “get on her (expletive) knees,” police said.

Once the little girl complied, Shoffner began quoting Bible verses and expected her daughter to repeat each verse back to her, word for word.

“What did God tell the man to do with his son?” Shoffner asked.

“God said to forgive his son,” the little girl replied.

Enraged that she didn’t reply correctly, Shoffner grabbed her daughter’s head and slammed it into a wall. According to court documents, Shoffner continued to slam the girl’s head into the wall for each verse missed.

The victim tried to defend herself by holding up her hands, but Shoffner began kicking her. Shoffner then demanded the girl to lie on her back before she started strangling her.

“I’m gonna kill you (expletive deleted),” Shoffner screamed while cutting off the girl’s airway.

As the victim tried to fight back, Shoffner bit her arm and left shoulder. After a while, Shoffner grew tired and told the girl to get out and “don’t ever come back.”

The victim grabbed her coat, phone, and shoes, then ran down the street where she called the police.

In addition to prison time, the judge ordered Shoffner to attend substance abuse counseling classes while behind bars and complete five years of probation upon release.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]