‘I revoke you demons!’: Jail nurse accused of performing an exorcism on inmate who died the following day

A nurse was reportedly banned from working at the Oklahoma County Jail for conducting an exorcism on a problem inmate who later died.

Detention officers allegedly heard Linda Herlong Jackson, 67, say, “I revoke you demons,” as the inmate, Amanda Lynette Freeman, 32, (pictured) screamed and flailed around on February 10. Another witness claimed to have heard the nurse first ask if anyone would mind if she performed an exorcism, according to The Oklahoman.

Records indicated Freeman died the following day. An autopsy revealed that the 32-year-old died of an acute coronary event caused by methamphetamine use.

Freeman was taken into custody on February 7 after officers spotted her jumping out of a moving car. Police claimed she was arrested when officers located methamphetamine in her purse, the paper reported.

Sheriff P.D. Taylor banned Jackson from the premises on October 20. Since Jackson isn’t employed by the jail, Taylor informed the medical provider, Armor Correctional Health Services, that their employee is no longer welcome in the facility.

“It’s our position that because of this incident she cannot work in this facility,” P.D. Taylor said.

“Her job is to provide medical care. Doing what she was doing was not providing medical care.”

Despite this, Jackson, who had worked at the jail for six years, denied the accusations in a phone interview with The Oklahoman.

“Oh, brother,” she said. “No…I didn’t do an exorcism.”

A sheriff’s investigator will meet with District Attorney David Prater Monday about the alleged incident. From there, Prater will decide whether to file criminal charges against the nurse.

[Featured Image: Oklahoma County Jail]