‘I’m the one who hurts people’: Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock’s brother threatens nursing home employees

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock’s brother Bruce has reportedly been threatening employees at an assisted living facility in North Hollywood, California.

Bruce Paddock had reportedly been staying at the Four Seasons Healthcare and Wellness Center when he was apprehended on child pornography charges. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Bruce is said to have bragged about being the brother of Stephen Paddock after the October 1 massacre, prompting staff there to contact authorities once they confirmed the relation.

The gunman’s brother was reportedly apprehended and arrested there, but according to the latest report from TMZ, he does not appear to be in police custody. Bruce has since been back to the assisted living facility, where he allegedly barricaded himself in a room on October 30 and threatened to kill an employee.

Bruce Paddock has been banned from the facility after multiple incidents of harassing and threatening staff.

He reportedly screamed at an administrator,”Don’t f*** with me and tell your nurses not to f*** with me because I’m the one that hurts people.”

He also allegedly threatened a resident there in a dispute over a razor, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

“Hey b**ch, I want my f***ing razor back … when I get my ass over there I’m going to shove that f***er so far up your a** it’ll come out of your ear.”

TMZ reports that the most recent incident was on October 30, when Bruce Paddock barricaded himself in a room there and threatened to kill a staffer who tried to intervene.

“Get the f*** out of my way or I’m going to kill you,” he reportedly said.

It is not clear where Paddock is living now or whether he will be facing criminal charges for the alleged threats. CrimeOnline will update the story when more information is available.


[Feature image: Los Angeles Police Department]