‘That’s just some bad luck’: Man allegedly impersonating officer arrested after pulling over off-duty cop

A Kentucky man who allegedly impersonated a police officer was arrested after he pulled over a real officer.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Brandon Hurley, 24, made a U-turn and flashed his lights behind a very real Louisville police officer on Saturday. The officer was off duty and in his personal vehicle at the time.

According to his complaint, William Shive II believed Hurley was in distress and pulled to the side of the road. He was surprised, however, when Hurley reportedly walked up to his car as if he was an officer stopping a motorist.

“That’s some bad, that’s just some bad luck there,” Judge Sean Delahanty offered.

Shive asked Hurley what department he worked for and he allegedly said Jefferson County. He noted that Hurley didn’t have a badge on, according to WLKY.

Court records indicated that Hurley accused Shive of hitting a curb and asked him if he knew how fast he was driving.

The Louisville officer claimed Hurley appeared confused when he revealed that he was a real officer because he wasn’t driving a cop car at the time.  Officials claimed that the suspect drove off in the wrong direction after Shive asked for his badge number.

Police say the cop managed to jot down Hurley’s license plate, leading to his arrest early Wednesday.

“Officer believed he recognized defendant from high school, which is another bad break,” Judge Delahanty said. He later confirmed that Hurley and Shive did attend the same high school.

Hurley was charged with impersonating an officer and wanton endangerment. He pleaded not guilty later the same day, according to the Herald-Leader.

Delahanty released the 24-year-old on his own recognizance. His next court appearance is scheduled for November 21.

[Featured Image: Louisville Metro Corrections]