Sherri Papini: New video shows missing mom moments before being found

Emerging surveillance video reportedly shows Sherri Papini running near a church in Yolo County, California, moments after she escaped her captors.

KCRA reported that Shasta County Sheriff’s Office released the footage on Tuesday. The video, which can be viewed below, supposedly captured Papini on foot near the Jehovah’s Witness church in Woodland at 4:15 a.m. on November 24.

“She [Papini] was looking for help,” Shasta County sheriff’s Sergeant Brian Jackson told People. “She saw a building and she didn’t know what it was and went to look for help. It was 4 o’clock in the morning and there was nobody there. And she went back the other way.”

Police said that incident occurred minutes before someone called cops about a woman, later identified as Papini, located on the I-5 in Yolo County, according to the local station. A trucker reportedly found the mother tied in restraints and branded on her right shoulder.

Detectives claimed that the camera recorded Papini running to the church then south until she’s out of frame. Authorities declined to provide additional information about the video or their ongoing information.

The Redding woman’s husband reported her missing on November 2, 2016, after she failed to pick up their children from day care. Papini vanished near her home while jogging and was unheard from until 22 days later.

Papini later told investigators that she was held at gunpoint by two Hispanic females. She claimed that she didn’t know why they released her.

Explaining why they’re releasing the video now, Jackson said, “We are just trying to spur some folks that if they do have information out there and they did see something, coupled with the fact that we have suspect sketches that are out, maybe there is that one person who can have that one piece of information that can help.”

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[Featured Image: Shasta County Sheriff’s Office video screenshot]