Tourist faces death penalty for bringing pain pills into Egypt for husband

A British tourist is facing execution in Egypt after allegedly being caught bringing 300 of her husband’s pain pills into the country.

The Sun reported that authorities jailed Laura Plummer, 33, after locating tramadol tablets in her suitcase at a Red Sea beach resort. Plummer was planning to spend a two-week vacation with her Egyptian husband, Omar, at the time.

Tramadol is illegal in the African country as it is occasionally used to substitute heroin, the Egypt Independent noted. Plummer had reportedly brought the medication, along with naproxen, for her husband who was suffering from back pain.

Laura’s brother, James claimed his sister had been given the pills by a colleague after Laura told her about her husband’s back issues. He also said that he recently saw his sister in prison, noting that she looks “unrecognizable.”

“She had no idea she was doing anything wrong. The painkillers were placed at the top of her suitcase. She wasn’t hiding them,” Laura’s mother, Roberta told The Sun.

The woman’s father, Neville, told the Hull Daily Mail that he’s not sure his daughter will survive prison.

For nearly a month, Laura has been detained at the Hurghada 1st Police Department. The 33-year-old has allegedly been confined to a cell with 25 other women and a hole in the floor as a toilet.

“She looks vacant in her eyes and all her hair is falling out. She’s so sorry. We are sitting at home and crying,” Laura’s sister, Jayne Sinclair commented.

“Her life’s in danger. She can’t stay in there any longer or she will be murdered or kill herself.”

The British woman faces 25 years if found guilty of drug trafficking. However, one lawyer mentioned to the Daily Mail that she could also be executed for the alleged crime.

The U.K. Foreign Office confirmed that it’s aware of the case and are “supporting” Laura and their family. Her next court hearing is reportedly scheduled for Thursday.


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