VIDEO: Woman calls Taco Bell employees ‘racist’ for not giving her french fries in bizarre meltdown

A customer reportedly captured the moment a woman was overcome with emotion she couldn’t order fries from a Taco Bell.

“You’re Burger King, you don’t sell French fries?” the unidentified woman can be heard in the video asking the cashier.

The possibly intoxicated woman is heard telling the cashier that she wants medium fries from the dollar menu as she gets increasingly upset. The cashier continues to tell her that she is at Taco Bell and fries are not on the menu.

“You think you’re in Burger King. This is Taco Bell. Welcome to Taco Bell … we don’t sell French fries,” the cashier is filmed saying.

The customer, on the verge of tears, then turns to another customer and declares, “This is racism at its f**king finest.”

Another customer tells her that’s not the case as the disruptive woman gets more and more agitated.

“I work with people who are challenged, every day,” the crying woman says while still requesting fries. “I asked her at the window do you sell fries and she said nothing to me, nothing to me. Just looked at me like I was a piece of s**t.”

Though another employee and patron attempt to assist the exasperated woman, she refuses their help and decides to leave the fast-food chain.

“I have enough problems in my life,” she says at the end of the two-minute video.

Posted to Facebook on November 5, the video has been viewed more than 4.5 million times and shared 61,000 times as of Thursday evening.

The location of the Taco Bell in which the incident occurred is not clear.

[Featured Image: Youtube/Media Frenzy (screenshot)]