‘I just had enough’: Mom of three recounts repeated physical and sexual abuse by drug addict boyfriend

A British mother recalled being repeatedly raped by her long-term boyfriend who she said would also physically abuse her on a daily basis.

Rebecca Bellenie, 33, talked about the harrowing ordeal with the Daily Mail after her ex-boyfriend, Neil Parrish, 33, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for repeatedly raping her. Bellenie said she and Parrish started dating in 2010 and that she had moved in with him after he was diagnosed with cancer.

“It was about a year after the all-clear that he started going out on the lash, taking coke, speed, and weed,” the mother of three told the tabloid.

“I did not know whether he was always like that and whether the cancer had been a mask for what he was really like.”

Bellenie claimed that Parrish would isolate her from friends and even left work early if Parrish wanted her to. The relationship took a serious turn, however, after Parrish forced his girlfriend to perform sex acts on him.

She recalled how Parrish would text or email her to come to the bedroom and how he would sexually assault her as a form of punishment and while she slept.

“I cried during it—after he would say ‘good girl’. If I came in the room and didn’t do something right he would tell me to go out and come in again,” she recalled.

The Chelmsford mother also revealed that her three children often saw the physical abuse. Her daughter told police about Parrish spitting on and hitting her mother on multiple occasions.

She claimed that “nothing major” happened when she decided to leave Parrish on April 27 and go to police. She remembered being terrified that Parrish would kill her for coming forward.

“I had just had enough.”

Bellenie said her feelings changed once he was refused bail and sentenced to prison last Friday. Yellow Advertiser reported that he was also placed on the sex offender registry for life and handed a lifetime restraining order.

She explained to the Mail that she is breaking her silence now to prove that rape does occur in relationships. She also claimed that their children, one of which she shares with Parrish, were also affected by the ordeal.

“The minute he was remanded and refused bail I got my life back. I had no emotion when I watched him sentenced in court. It did not bother me,” she said.

“But in terms of the future, I will never put it behind me—he has affected me and my children so much.”

[Featured Image: Chelmsford Crown Court]