Serial killer nurse possibly killed more than 100 patients, prosecutors say

A nurse who’s already serving a life sentence for two murders is now accused of killing at least 100 patients at two German hospitals he worked at.

Though Evil Niels Hoegel, 41, was jailed in February 2015 for killing two intensive care patients, BBC reported that prosecutors believe he murdered 38 patients in Oldenburg and 62 patients in Delmenhorst between 1999 and 2005.

Investigators have exhumed 134 patients to locate traces of a medication that could’ve shut down their cardiovascular system, according to the Associated Press.

Hoegel is said to have brought about cardiac arrests in his patients because he enjoyed the feeling of resuscitating them.

According to The Sun, chief police investigator Arne Schmidt said in August that Hoegel’s murderous spree didn’t take on “any discernible pattern,” and that he preyed on critically-injured patients.

Investigators believe that Oldenburg hospital staff skipped over records and provided Hoegel with a shining recommendation when he moved on to Delmenhorst. There, the inordinate number of deaths continued while under his watch.

German magazine Der Spiegel reported that Hoegel was caught by a nurse who had treated a previously-stable patient who suddenly went into cardiac distress. The killer nurse was reportedly already in the room and the co-worker noticed empty medication bottles in the trash, according to the magazine.

“Usually the decision to do it was relatively spontaneous,” Hoegel said in court in 2015, according to the BBC.

New charges against the nurse are expected to be filed next year. However, The Sun noted that consecutive sentences don’t exist in the German legal system.

Police have also filed charges against former staff at the two hospitals for failing to report Hoegel’s suspicious behavior earlier on.

[Featured Image: Pixabay]