Son brutally beat his mother to death with an oxygen tank because ‘she wouldn’t stop crying’: Prosecutor

An Alabama man allegedly admitted to bludgeoning his 70-year-old mother to death with her own oxygen tank because she “wouldn’t stop crying.”

WALA reported that police responded to a Mobile residence at around 10 a.m. Friday and found Carol Croucher dead from blunt trauma to her head. Her son, Joseph Wood, 47, supposedly confessed to killing his ill mother in the home they lived together.

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“She was at home bedridden and being taken care of by hospice. I told the judge this, ‘the defendant told police that she wouldn’t stop crying so he beat her to death with her own oxygen tank,'” Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood told the local station.

“He said he did it because she wouldn’t stop crying.”

Mobile Police Department Lieutenant Charles Bagsby told reporters Friday afternoon that Wood was not the person who called police early Friday despite being at the home when officers arrived.

An acquaintance who lives nearby told WALA that the pair appeared to have a normal relationship.

Blackwood also said that the Mobile man faces ten years to life in prison if convicted on murder charges.

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“Every murder case is horrible. This one just makes you sick. It makes me absolutely sick,” the district attorney commented.

A judge set Wood’s bond at $150,000 Monday morning since he has no prior criminal history.  A preliminary history is scheduled for December 4.

[Featured Image: WALA (screenshot)]