‘I saw blood’: Witness describes harrowing scene of shooting rampage in Northern California; 6-year-old among those shot

A woman who was in a coffeeshop in Rancho Tehama while a gunman was on a shooting rampage says she saw injured people as she and her husband fled the area.

The woman, who identified herself only by her first name, Trish, said she was at a coffee shop with her husband, who grew up in the remote area 130 miles north of Sacramento, when they began to hear gunshots. She said that the source of the gunfire seemed to be changing locations, and that she and her husband directed first responders to where they believed it was coming from.

“There were screams and yelling. We saw injured people … It sounded like a man who was yelling ‘help’ down the flight strip, [where] we directed a responder.” (There is a small airport in Rancho Tehama.)

When there was a break in the gunfire, Trish and her husband left the coffeeshop and drove away from the area of active shooting, as ambulances were driving in the other direction.

“I saw blood,” Trish said. “Two people on the side of a car with a cop attending to them, telling us as we drove ‘Go, go, go’.”

The gunman, who has not yet been identified, reportedly began shooting inside a residence before moving through the town, at some point arriving at the local elementary school where he is believed to have opened fire. According to the most recent report from the Redding Searchlight, five people were killed, including the gunman, who was fatally shot by police. Ten people have been injured, including two elementary school students, one who is six years old.

No children are among the deceased at this time. The gunman and the victims have not yet been identified.

This is a developing story. CrimeOnline will provide an update when more information is available.

[Feature image: Action News Now video screenshot]