Drunk man covered in deer blood, waving meat blames Santa Claus for bizarre scene: Police

A Northern Michigan man who allegedly wandered outside a gas station covered in blood and waving around meat was arrested following a fight with deputies.

According to WNEM, police arrived at the EZ-Mart BP Gas Station in Scottville Monday afternoon following reports of a bloodied man wielding a piece of meat and roaming around the property. Witnesses also claimed that the suspect, later identified as Roy Purple, sat in a car that did not belong to him.

Deputies followed a blood trail to a nearby trailer home and knocked on the door. There, they encountered Purple, 62, who began screaming at them and fell off the front porch as he fought them in the front yard, WPBN reported.

Deputies asked Purple about the blood and the intoxicated man allegedly said it was Santa Claus.

Authorities believe the blood came from a deer that was hit by a car in front of Purple’s trailer. According to the Associated Press, Purple and three other men in the trailer hacked meat off the dead deer and were cooking it on a grill in the backyard.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Coles said the men—who also appeared intoxicated—led officers to a ditch “where the dead deer was with chunks of meat cut out of it.”

Coles claimed that alcohol played a huge factor in Monday’s “extremely bizarre” ordeal.

“Until the one individual chose to run at the deputies he landed himself in trouble,” she said.

“Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head and walk away, you can’t make this stuff up.”

Purple was charged with resisting police. A preliminary examination is scheduled for December 6.

[Featured Image: Roy Purple/Mason County Jail]