Massive Great Dane named ‘Tank’ helps owner stop attempted break-in

He’s a very good boy.

A Kentucky, man reportedly thwarted a robbery with the help of his gun and his 150-pound Great Dane named Tank.

Homeowner Derek Thomas of Louisville told WDRB that he saw a suspicious figure lurking by his home Saturday night. Thomas said he was barefoot when he grabbed his firearm and went outside to confront the suspect—who was in his truck at that time.

“As I pulled my gun on him, I said, ‘What the hell are you doing in my truck? Get out of my truck’ and he crawled back out and basically tried to crawl around the back,” he told the station.

Thomas said he jumped into action because his wife three children, ages 3, 7, and 9, were asleep in their home as this all unfolded. He recalled firing two shots into the air as the suspect, later identified as Matthew Conklin, attempted to stand up.

Matthew Conklin
Matthew Conklin [Image: Louisville Metro Corrections]
From there, the Louisville man claimed he called for his wife to call 911 and to bring Tank outside for backup. The pair reportedly kept Conklin under their control until police arrived.

“He started barking and go crazy,” he recalled.

“I said, ‘You hear that? That’s my 150-pound dog, and I’m not chasing you, but if you run he’s going to catch you.'”

Responding officers allegedly found a small bag of methamphetamine and a small vial of heroin in Conklin’s pant pockets. Police said they also discovered a “large undisclosed amount of currency” on Conklin and that he offered the two officers to split the money if they didn’t take him to jail, WDRB also reported.

The officers didn’t accept Conklin’s offer. Instead, they charged him with third-degree criminal trespassing, two counts of first-degree trafficking in controlled substances, and one count of bribery. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Court records obtained by the local station revealed that Conklin has a lengthy drug history and was due in court Wednesday to be sentenced for another drug-related case. Judge Sean Delahanty expressed concern that releasing him from jail was essentially a death sentence.

“All you have to do is run into a bad batch of dope and you’re dead,” Delahanty said Monday morning.

As for Thomas, the father said he doesn’t regret the measures he took to protect his home and family.

He said, “I work hard for my money, and it makes me upset someone was out here in my stuff, stealing my stuff.”

[Featured Image: Derek Thomas and Tank/WDRB video screenshot]