‘Don’t let anyone kiss your baby’: Mom warns parents after toddler son contracts herpes and nearly dies

A mom has a serious warning for parents after her 16-month-old son reportedly contracted herpes and nearly died from a kiss.

Speaking with Inside Edition, Maria O’Neill of Derry, Northern Ireland, said that her son, Parker, caught the virus in August and experienced a fever and a rash. Three different doctors allegedly misdiagnosed him at first and gave him cream to treat the rash.

“I just felt there was something else behind it,” the mother said. “The rash didn’t look normal … Every time the doctors turned me away it seems to get a lot worse, so my mother’s instinct kicked in and I knew there was something more to it.”

O’Neill became increasingly concerned when her son began to get blisters all over his body. She rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors determined that the toddler had herpes.

According to The Sun, Parker O’Neill was hospitalized for a week and was given an antiviral medication and three different antibiotics. She claimed that her son was left scarred by the virus and now suffers from eczema.

She told the tabloid, “It really was awful and very scary because I’ve read about it before, but I never thought it would happen to us.”

Fortunately, O’Neill said her son, who is anemic, is slowly getting back to normal following the near-fatal ordeal. She also noted that there could’ve been a different outcome if he had been a newborn when he contracted herpes.

“He’s been such a brave boy throughout the whole experience,” she commented. “He’s recovered mostly now, but he does still have flare-ups. I’m so aware now of people cuddling him and kissing him.”

The toddler’s mom says she’s now committed to warning others about the common—yet potentially deadly—virus.

“Don’t let anyone kiss your baby,” she said. “Don’t let anyone near your baby if you have a cold sore.”


[Featured Image: Parker O’Neill/Caters News video screenshot]