‘Let’s not focus on the $10M’: Corey Feldman drops Hollywood pedophilia campaign goal from $10M to $1M

Actor Corey Feldman is no longer focusing on raising $10 million for this TRUTH campaign. Instead, he’s asking the public to help him raise $1 million, which he says can offer him protection while he continues to fight Hollywood pedophilia.

Celebrity Insider reports that 46-year-old The Lost Boys actor Feldman sent a tweet out on Thursday, asking people to focus on helping him get protection for himself as he continues to “out” those he said molested him during the 1980s in Hollywood.

Let’s not focus on the 10 Mil, let’s focus on getting it to 1 Mil, so I can at least have protection. The movie will get funded if I can survive long enough 2 raise the capitol.

— Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman)

Since he opened up again earlier this year about Hollywood pedophilia, Feldman has been adamant the Hollywood powerhouses are dangerous, stating one person in particular, who’s apparently still in the business, threatened people’s lives in the past who dared to out his criminal behavior. Feldman also claimed, according to Celebrity Insider, that the Hollywood pedophile ring is connected to the U.S. government.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Feldman announced that he knows of at least six Hollywood pedophiles. He recently named Jon Grissom, a bit part actor, as one of the men who reportedly molested him, as well as Alphy Hoffman, the co-owner of the 1980s Hollywood club, Alphy’s Soda Club. The club was exclusive to tween and teen celebrities of the 1980s ans Feldman said numerous child stars hung out there and saw the dirty side of Hollywood.

Efforts to reach both Grissom and Hoffman have so far been unsuccessful. Check back with CrimeOnline as we continue to cover Hollywood pedophilia accusations.

Click here to learn more about Feldman’s TRUTH campaign.

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