Hero mom savagely attacked after warning people of pervy predator

A Washington mother said she was brutally assaulted after confronting a man who was fondling himself in public.

Amanda Edwards, 35, told KCPQ that the violent incident occurred last Monday night at a Safeway in Federal Way. The mother of three said she was in the grocery store’s parking lot when the man pulled up in his car and asked for directions—all while touching himself.

“He was fully exposed with his genitals in his hand,” she told KIRO. “He started smiling.”

Edwards recalled telling the man to get away from her and witnessing him approaching a mother and child. That’s when she decided to take action.

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Posted by Amanda Edwards on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The 35-year-old said she attempted to snap a picture of the deviant’s license plate before yelling at other customers to stay away from him. She said that after the man sped off, she assumed that the ordeal was over.

But as Edwards walked home, someone allegedly grabbed her from behind and battered her—fracturing her face in four places.

“The next thing I know I was waking up on the ground [before] running home,” Edwards said. “I didn’t realize I had been hit multiple times in my face.”

Edwards said the man who attacked her was the same person who approached her at the grocery store and believes it was retribution for calling him out, according to KIRO.

“He put time into following me and getting out of his car and running up on me and attacking me and I feel like if he got away with it, he would probably feel like he can do it again,” she said.

Fortunately, Federal Way investigators reportedly told the mother Friday that they have arrested a suspect in the case. Authorities were able to identify the man by reviewing Safeway’s surveillance footage and identifying his car.

Edwards will need surgical plates to reconstruct her cheeks. Despite this, she says she doesn’t regret speaking up.

“You can’t just approach women and treat women—or anybody in general—the way he did,” she said.

[Featured Image: KCPQ video screenshot]