Teen pins girlfriend’s puppy between two cinder blocks, decapitates it with hatchet: Police

A North Carolina teen is facing multiple felony charges after allegedly strangling his girlfriend and decapitating her puppy.

According to KTRK, Antonio Hollywood Campbell, 18, accused his girlfriend, Jordon Stevens, of betraying him by talking to other men. The ensuing argument last week escalated when Campbell reportedly pushed Stevens on his bed and sat on her before placing his arms around her neck and choking her.

The Fayetteville man allegedly tightened his grip so that Stevens couldn’t scream. At one point, the victim completely lost air supply and passed out, Cumberland County Sheriff Ennis W. Wright reported in a Facebook post.

Stevens claimed that she was at Campbell’s home three weeks prior to the assault when he killed her dog, after issuing the following threat:

“Well, if you ain’t gonna be with me, then I am going to kill the dog,” Campbell said, according to the sheriff.

From there, Campbell allegedly tied a leash around the pup’s neck and swung it in the air. Police said he also tied the leash to the back of a car and dragged the dog for several feet before stopping.

The abuse took an even more grisly turn when the 18-year-old purportedly trapped the puppy between two cinder blocks and decapitated it with a hatchet.

On November 17, 2017, Jordon Stevens told deputies that she went to Cape Fear Hospital because she was having pains in…

Posted by Sheriff Ennis W. Wright: Cumberland County NC on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ennis wrote that the victim went to police on November 17, after going to the hospital for neck pain related to the assault. It was then that she also told officers what Campbell allegedly did to her dog three weeks earlier.

Detectives executed a search warrant at Campbell’s home on Monday. There, they reportedly recovered cinder blocks, a hatchet, the puppy’s remains, and a sawed-off shotgun.

Campbell was arrested the same day and charged with domestic violence felony strangulation, animal cruelty, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction. A judge set his bond at $137,500 during his first appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

[Featured Image: Antonio Hollywood Campbell/Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office]