Teen girl stabbed 80 times, set on fire by man she met online: Police

A Philadelphia man was arrested Tuesday after police say he stabbed a teenage girl 80 times then tried to cover up the murder by setting her body on fire.

Cole Swaringer-Herring, 23, is facing charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, and arson, among other charges.

He had met 15-year-old Sabriya McLean on Facebook, and the two met for the first time in person on Monday night, 6ABC reports.

McLean reportedly traveled 40 miles to meet the 23-year-old at his parents’ apartment, who weren’t home that night.

Police say that’s when Swaringer-Herring stabbed the teen 80 times. He reportedly tried to cover up the alleged murder by taking her body to an alley behind the apartments and setting it on fire, but the smoke set off a fire alarm which alerted local firefighters.

He allegedly tried to conceal the body by burying it under leaves. When the firefighters arrived, he reportedly sent them away.

When his parents returned, the 23-year-old confessed to murdering the teen. They took him to a police station the next morning to turn him in, Daily Mail reports.

Police returned to the scene that day and found the body, then arrested the man on murder and arson charges.

Capt. Jack Ryan said they are looking at Swaringer-Herring as a possible suspect in other crimes in the area, as this one was particularly violent and doesn’t seem to have a motive.

“It was a very violent act so we’re looking at him in connection to some other possible cases that we’ve had.”

Swaringer-Herring’s criminal history includes a past of convicted robberies.

[Feature photo: Philadelphia Police Department]