Parents took their three ‘filthy, diseased, hungry’ children on shoplifting and HEROIN-buying sprees

A Levittown, Pennsylvania, couple who took three young, severely neglected children with them when they shoplifted and bought heroin was sentenced to three to seven years in prison.

The district attorney’s office announced the sentences for William Medl and Kimberly Block on Friday. Investigators accused them of subjecting their kids to a “nomadic existence” in which they never took their kids to the dentist or provided other basic needs. Their 8- and 7-year-old daughters didn’t know their last names or their alphabet, never attended school, and had rotting teeth when social workers stepped in last December, according to WXTF.

Investigators said the girls, along with their 2-year-old brother, were covered in lice and had to have their heads shaved due to severe infestation. The local station also reported that the toddler smelled of rotten milk and cigarettes and his diaper was filled with urine and feces. Court records obtained by the Bucks County Courier Times revealed that he also didn’t appear to know how to communicate verbally and didn’t know his name.

Between the three children, a total of 31 teeth had to be extracted due to severe decay, according to WPVI.

The girls reportedly told police that they spent numerous nights sleeping in cars and Medl would steal batteries to sell them to get “adult medicine.”

Medl and Block reportedly admitted to using heroin. Investigators said the pair became homeless due to drug addiction.

WTXF reported that the girls recalled seeing their parents snorting or injecting a powder and moving out of their younger brother’s reach because they knew it was dangerous.

In addition to prison, Judge Wallace H. Bateman Jr. also sentenced the couple to five years’ probation.

“The time it will take [the children] to get caught up in school and have a normal life is anybody’s guess,” Bateman said.

“All for drugs.”

[Featured Image: William Medl and Kimberly Block/Bucks County District Attorney’s Office]