GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man says police shot beloved family dog then forced him to cut its head off

Authorities launched an investigation after a man said a Georgia official ordered him to behead his dog after a deputy fatally shot it.

WMGT reported that Joe Nathan Goodwin, the dog’s owner, posted a series of videos to Facebook showing the moments after Big Boy was shot to death Friday afternoon. The 2-year-old pit bull mix allegedly bit a woman and lunged toward a Crawford County deputy, leading him to open fire.

The footage allegedly captured Crawford County Investigator James Hollis instructing Goodwin to cut the dog’s head off so it could be tested for rabies. At one point, Hollis reportedly threatened him with arrest if he didn’t comply.

“We asking you to remove the dog head,” Hollis is heard saying. “And you’re refusing right?”

“I ain’t got a knife to cut it off,” Goodwin responds.

***WARNING: The following video contains graphic language.***

Cops Force Man to Decapitate Dog

After killing his dog in front of his children, the police made this man cut his own dog's head off…More Details: Police The Police ?

Posted by Police The Police on Sunday, December 3, 2017

Goodwin told WMAZ that he received a call asking him to come home after his dog bit someone. Though he understands officer’s decision to shoot his dog, he was baffled by the gruesome demand that followed.

Amid the chaotic scene, Goodwin questioned the process of taking the dog’s head off to the responding deputy, who became irate and provided him with no answers.

“We don’t know this process either,” the deputy is heard saying. “I don’t never have to do this. I don’t cut dogs’ head off.”

Goodwin reportedly gave in to officers’ repeated demands and took Big Boy’s head off with a kitchen knife retrieved by his girlfriend.

“I removed my dog’s head and I put it in some Kroger bag and I showed the officer, ‘Here’s the head, this is what you wanted, right?’,“ he told the local station through tears.

In a statement, the Crawford County Health Department stated that Goodwin was given “options” on how to get his dog tested for rabies. Goodwin claimed that police said he could have a vet test the dog for rabies. However, he alleged that officers didn’t allow him to leave the property to take the dog to the vet.

Additionally, Goodwin told WMAZ that police wouldn’t allow him to leave the scene to obtain the Big Boy’s vaccination papers that prove his dog didn’t have rabies.

The Georgia man wrote on Facebook that the entire ordeal was traumatic for himself and his kids.

“I can still smell it. I can still hear it,” he told reporters.

“I am sick to my stomach.”

***WARNING: The following video is extremely disturbing and graphic. Please use discretion.***

[Featured Image: Facebook/Joe Nathan Goodwin]