WATCH: Disturbing video shows crying infant holding a knife while being hit in the head repeatedly

Police have arrested a young California mother after a Facebook video allegedly showed someone smacking her crying baby in the head.

According to KNSD, San Diego police arrested Jowi Victoria Morales, 18, Thursday, the same day the unsettling videos were posted on social media. Authorities said that one of the videos depicted the 6-month-old holding a pocket knife. A second video supposedly showed an unknown person striking the same baby.

KSWB reported that the baby was found unharmed and taken into protective custody. Child abuse detectives are reportedly working to identify who was seen striking the baby.

Ashley Butcher told the station that she was one of the people who alerted the media and police to the video to social media. She claimed she managed to connect with the young mother via FaceTime.

“I just wanted to talk to her to make her come to her senses, to turn herself in and do what’s best for the baby,” Butcher said.

Jowi Morales
Jowi Victoria Morales and her 6-month-old daughter [Image: Facebook]
Neighbors told KNSD that Morales was living with the child’s father and the mother of a close friend at the time of her arrest. They claimed that the upstairs apartment was overrun with children.

“I do know that in that house there was trouble,” Contreras said, adding that she regretted not calling police prior to Thursday’s incident.

Luis Lara, 19, child’s father, who spoke with KGTV, claimed he learned of the alleged abuse through Facebook. He claimed that they had recently ended their relationship and were both caring for their daughter. Police said he isn’t the person depicted in the video.

Morales was jailed on outstanding domestic violence charges. It unknown whether the charges were related to the Facebook videos.

[Featured Image: Facebook video screenshot]