WATCH: Unruly passenger threatens to kill everyone on Southwest Airlines flight after she’s caught smoking in the bathroom

A woman was arrested Saturday after allegedly threatening to kill everyone on a Southwest Airlines flight from Portland to Sacramento.

KOVR reported that Valerie Curbelo, 24, was ordered to go back to her seat after being caught attempting to smoke in the airplane bathroom. The man who recorded the video claimed that Curbelo also pushed a flight attendant during the chaotic ordeal.

“I will kill everybody on this f***ing plane!” she can be heard screaming in the video. “I swear if you don’t f***ing land!”

A witness told WREG that she complained about having anxiety and demanded that they land at a different location.

The 24-year-old allegedly had to be restrained for the last 30 minutes of the flight. Law enforcement immediately arrested her upon her arrival in Sacramento and charged her with three felony counts of making criminal threats, according to WREG.

Southwest Airlines addressed the incident in a statement issued to The Sacramento Bee.

“Our reports from flight attendants indicate a customer violated federal laws by both smoking onboard an aircraft and by tampering with a smoke detector in an aircraft restroom. Our Crew enforced the regulation and that was followed by the passenger outburst,” the statement reads.

“The safety of our crew and passengers is our top priority and we take all threats seriously.”

Curbelo reportedly told KOVR from the Sacramento County Jail that she tried to smoke in the bathroom due to anxiety but she couldn’t explain what brought about her erratic behavior. The Oregon woman also declined to elaborate on why she was traveling to Sacramento.

“It was not me. It was not me,” she said.

Curbelo’s bail was set at $75,000. She is scheduled to appear in court for her arraignment on Tuesday.

[Featured Image: Youtube video screengrab]