WATCH: Woman goes ballistic on international student for speaking Korean in Starbucks

“Your language is disgusting,” the woman says to the student

A woman was reportedly escorted out of a Starbucks in Walnut Creek, California, for verbally assaulting an international student for speaking Korean during an altercation that was caught on tape.

Annie An, a student from South Korea, reportedly uploaded a video of the incident to her Facebook page on December 10. Sean Lee, one of the speakers in the, told KRON that he was tutoring An when the irate woman decided to step in.

Lee claimed he said something along the lines of “We might need to brainstorm this way and write the essay that way” in his native language when the woman said, “Don’t you dare say that again.”

That’s when An decided to hit ‘Record.’

The video shows two Starbucks baristas letting the woman know that the Korean patrons weren’t doing anything wrong and that if she feels uncomfortable she can leave. The woman can also be heard muttering a slur at An and Lee.

“You can sit and be quiet, fine,” the woman is heard saying. “But I don’t want to hear your language.”

Seconds later, the fed-up baristas tell the woman that she has to leave or they’ll call police. The video ends with the woman refusing to leave the Starbucks.

An revealed on Facebook that the woman told her “This is America. Use English only” and “Your language is disgusting.”

Lee wrote his own Facebook post about the incident:

“Imagine this happening to your family and friends. I’ve always cognized this issue, but my first, real-life encounter with racism has brought it to the forefront of my mind. I hope it does the same for you.”

The local station reported that police were called and the unnamed woman was escorted out the establishment. However, Lee claimed the woman continued to harass him and An as police arrived.

Lee later wrote on Facebook, “The silver lining is that we kept speaking in Korean between her freakout and cops arriving, which pissed her off even more.”

[Featured Image: KRON video screengrab]