Domestic abuse suspect shoots random woman walking dog to show girlfriend how ‘crazy’ he is: Police

‘I will shoot anybody that plays with me’

A Louisiana man is facing criminal charges for randomly shooting a woman in the leg to show his girlfriend how “crazy” he can get when he’s upset, police said.

The New Orleans Advocate reported that Glen Alveris, 26, wounded the 54-year-old victim as she and a friend walked her dog on December 10. Court records obtained indicated that Alveris had threatened his 20-year-old girlfriend’s life before rolling down his car window and opening fire.

“I’m going to show you how crazy I am,” Alveris said before firing his gun, his girlfriend told police.

It’s likely that Alveris would’ve gotten away with the shooting had his girlfriend not contacted police days later about a separate incident. According to, Alveris’ girlfriend reported that she stabbed Alveris in self-defense during a domestic dispute. It was then that she mentioned ongoing threats made by Alveris, which included the December 10 shooting, documents revealed.

The girlfriend claimed the shooting occurred after Alveris became angry about her dancing with another man at a party. That night, Alveris took his girlfriend out for a ride. While in the car, the pair got into an argument–which escalated when Alveris pulled out a handgun and threatened to kill her.

“I will shoot anybody that plays with me,” Alveris said after shooting the woman, court documents stated.

The Advocate reported that New Orleans police obtained video of the shooting.

Police arrested Alveris on Friday and charged him with second-degree battery and domestic abuse battery, in connection with the altercation with his girlfriend. On Tuesday, they booked the 26-year-old on aggravated battery charges in connection with the December 10 shooting.

Alveris was ordered to held without bond at least until a December 27 court hearing.

[Featured Image: Glen Alveris/Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office]