Mom says she forgives ‘sociopath’ son who brutally stabbed young daughter 17 times as she slept

A mother of two whose 13-year-old son fatally stabbed her 4-year-old daughter as she slept has recounted the harrowing ordeal in a new documentary.

In Investigation Discovery’s The Family I Had, Charity Lee relives February 5, 2007, the day her 13-year-old son, Paris Bennett, choked her daughter Ella Lee, 4, before stabbing her 17 times.

Charity said she was working a shift at Buffalo Wild Wings when she got a call about Ella being hurt. She remembered being flabbergasted by the news as she left her kids with a babysitter. She later learned that her son, who has a 141 IQ, convinced the babysitter to go home that night before carrying out the unthinkable act.

After killing his half-sister, Paris spent six minutes calling a friend then waited two minutes to dial 911. Charity, now 44, said her son pretended to follow the dispatcher’s instructions and perform CPR. Cops later determined that Ella wasn’t rendered aid.

The teen originally claimed that he saw a demonic figure resembling Ella was taunting him. He later admitted that he woke up that day wanting to kill someone. The mother of two explained that Paris wanted to kill her as well but decided against it.

“He said the first reason he didn’t go ahead with it was because it was a lot harder to kill someone than he thought,” the heartbroken mother explained.

“The second reason was the realization if he’d killed me, I only would have suffered for five, 10, 15 minutes. But, if he left me alive [without Ella], I would suffer for the rest of my life.”

Paris said he killed Ella out of revenge: Charity briefly relapsed with cocaine years before the murder and was working to get herself clean. She explained that she beat a heroin addiction shortly before getting pregnant with Ella. She claimed she hasn’t taken narcotics since Ella’s murder.

“The only regret I’ve ever had about my own personal behavior is my relapse,” the mother told the New York Post. “The fact is, it made him angry and he chose to handle it that way [by killing Ella].

The teen was sentenced in 2007 to 40 years behind bars–the maximum sentence for juvenile murder. Since then, Charity has become a prison rights activist and visits Paris, now 24, at a Texas prison. She said she’s committed to getting psychological treatment for him while he’s behind bars.

“I have forgiven Paris for what he did, but it’s an ongoing process,” Charity told the newspaper.

“If he was free [from captivity], I would be frightened of him.”

The Family I Had aired December 21 at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

[Featured Image: Paris Bennett and Ella Lee/Charity Lee/Facebook]