‘I miss him dearly’: Man who stabbed pregnant woman to death in 1993 now charged with murdering her son

A Florida man who fatally stabbed a pregnant woman in 1993 will be charged in connection with the death of the victim’s son, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Authorities announced on Thursday that Ronnie Keith Williams would be prosecuted on a charge of first-degree murder for killing 23-year-old Julius Dyke, who died last year. More than two decades ago, doctors delivered Dyke by cesarean section 48 hours after Williams stabbed his 18-year-old mother, Lisa, and bit her breasts, buttocks and back.

Lisa, a church-going high school graduate who had been engaged to Dyke’s father, died about two weeks after the boy was born, according to the newspaper. Dyke suffered substantial brain damage and his death in 2016 was a direct result of the stabbing, Broward County prosecutors say. Dyke was unable to talk or walk and could eat only through a feeding tube.

Upon learning that a grand jury found cause to pursue the charges, Dyke’s grandmother, Margaret Dyke, who had served as Julius’ caretaker, responded: “Oh my Julius, my love.”

“I miss him dearly. I thirst for him like I thirst for water,” she said. “Now I truly miss my daughter because the only part of her has gone on with her.”

Lisa was babysitting for a friend in a home near Fort Lauderdale when Williams came into the residence and violently attacked her. He was looking for a former girlfriend at the time, the newspaper reports.

Williams, who had previously served time for a 1984 homicide, was later convicted of first-degree murder for killing Lisa Dyke and was sentenced to death.

However, his status on death row is now tentative because a Florida Supreme Court ruling in 2016 required death penalty sentences to garner unanimous support from juries. The jury had voted 10-2 in support of a death sentence against Williams.

That means the jury must decide again whether to sentence Williams to death.

[Feature Photo: Ronnie Keith Williams/Florida Department of Corrections/Lisa Dike/ Family Handout]