The Naughty List: Killer Santa and other Grinches that took lives and ruined Christmas

While most people come together with loved ones for the holidays, others see Christmas as a time of revenge, violence, and even murder. Each year, a new batch of criminals surface around the holidays to spread sadness and shock to those around them, often close friends and family members. The following cases took the meaning of being a Grinch to an entirely different level.

Christmas Eve Beer and the Ceramic Squirrel

In 2013, a 44-year-old woman, apparently upset that her husband couldn’t buy beer on Christmas Eve, reportedly beat him over the head with a ceramic squirrel, according to New York Daily News.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s arrived to the home of Helen Williams’ to find her boyfriend bloodied and cut. Although Williams claimed he fell down and hurt himself, the victim told authorities the reported “real story.”

Hellen Williams [Photo: North Charleston PD]
Williams became upset when her boyfriend arrived home without a case of beer. He said he tried to explain to Williams that the stores were closed, which allegedly enraged her to the point that she grabbed a ceramic squirell and hit him over the head, followed by a stab to his chest and shoulder.

Even with blood on her hands, Williams continued to deny the accusations and claimed the blood wasn’t the victim’s. She was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence.

Bad Santa Bruce Pardo and the Christmas Eve Massacre

On Christmas Eve 2008, Bruce Pardo dressed up as Santa Claus, went to a home in Covena, California, and slaughtered nine people. Afterward, he used his homemade Christmas present, a flame-thrower, in an attempt to light the house on fire.

After spraying high octane fuel around the California home where the party was being held, Pardo tried to flee but the vapor made his flamethrower ignite accidentally, injuring him significantly. He killed himself shortly after.

“Mr. Pardo was severely injured during that explosion,” police spokesperson said after the incident. “He suffered third-degree burns on both arms, and it also appears that the Santa Claus suit he was wearing did melt on to his body.”

Bruce Pardo mugshot (Policed Handout)
Crime Stories podcast on Bruce Pardo

Pardo targeted the Christmas party because it was his former in-laws’ home and his ex-wife was inside. Apparently angry over the divorce terms, he brought two semi-automatic guns into the home and started firing at anyone in sight.

The massacre started when a 8-year-old little girl answered the door and saw Pardo dressed as Santa. He greeted her by shooting her directly in the face before pushing his way through the door, searching for his former wife and her parents. Anyone in the way got shot. He later drove himself, badly injured from his flamethrower, and shot himself in the head.

By miracle, the little girl who got shot in face survived.

Sylvia Pardo, 43, died after her ex-husband spotted her in the home. Her parents, Joseph Ortega, 80, and Alicia Ortega, 70, also died, along with several other friends and family members.

Jealous Santa Husband Kills Family While Opening Presents

In 2011, CBS reported that a man jealous of his wife’s success chose Christmas Day to kill her in their Dallas suburb home, along with their two children and three family members.

Aziz Yazdanpanah, 56, dressed up as Santa Claus, and while his two young children and their relatives opened presents, he pulled out a gun and started shooting. Yazdanpanah had apparently been out of work for years and grew increasingly frustrated that his wife, Nasrin Rahmaty, was the family’s breadwinner. His anger resentment resulted in his wife moving out of the 3,010-square-foot home and into an apartment. She left her husband behind and took their two children with her.

Aziz Yazdanpanah (Police Handout)

While living on her own, Nasrin thrived. She became successful and was making a living a life for herself with her husband, which according to the victim’s brother, is likely why he became violent. After shooting his six family members to death, he turned the gun on himself. According to a text sent out by the suspect’s niece prior to the shooting, the family members probably had not idea what Yazdanpanah had planned.

“Soo we’re here. We just got here and my uncle is here too. Dressed as Santa. Awesome,” the text read. “Now he wants to be all fatherly and win father of the year.”

“I think he was probably overwhelmed when it was all said and done and decided to take his life instead,” police Sgt. Robert Eberling said after the murders. “We really don’t have a clear idea why he did this.”

[Feature Photo: Wiki Commons/Mattsenate]