‘I’m trying to be strong’: Woman bravely confronts her sexual abuser at a funeral [VIDEO]

A video circulating on social media reportedly shows the moment a woman decided to face the man who allegedly molested her when she was 6.

“There’s a time and a place for everything so I’m trying to be strong,” the woman is heard saying at the beginning of the video.

She then walks over to a man, who she introduces to viewers before accusing him of molesting her 13 years earlier.

“This guy right here, when I was six years old, he molested me in a bed when I was with my cousins Brittany and James and my little brother Isaiah, in the bed,” she says.

“You remember that, Lance?”

The woman, who Ebony identified as Iyonah Fard, 23, goes on to recall how Lance took her underwear and washed them before telling her not to tell her aunts and giving her a quarter. She also reveals that Lance, whose full name is Robert L. Foster, is a registered sex offender.

Robert L. Foster
Robert L. Foster [Image: New Jersey State Police]
Records obtained by the magazine indicated that Foster is a high-risk sex offender that lives in Newark, New Jersey. However, it’s unclear whether his sex offender-status is related to what he allegedly did to her.

Becoming more irate, Fard then asks Foster why he would come to the funeral when he never went to see her late cousin.

“You know that? You did other little girls the same way you did me,” she continued.

“And you sitting here eating my family f***ing food after you touched a little girl that was a child? That’s what the f**k you here doing?”

Ebony reported that the incident occurred in September at a cousin’s funeral. Fard explained that she was shocked to see Foster, her aunt’s ex-boyfriend. Fard’s aunt would watch her as her mother worked overnight shifts and Foster would often be at the home, she said.

Fard told the magazine that she confronted Foster because her family didn’t believe her–which made her question, at times, if it even occurred. She said she also wanted to show other girls who experienced sexual abuse that they’re not alone.

“I was looking for some kind of closure because, to this day, I still can’t find [anybody] in my family that believes me,” she said.

“I felt like this would be a way for other people to hear my story since my own family wasn’t trying to listen.”

[Featured Image: Instagram video screengrab]