Man accused of SPRAYING FECES on supermarket salad bar and produce

A South Carolina man who allegedly sprayed feces at a salad bar will face federal charges on Wednesday.

Charleston police said it was a disgruntled former contractor who decided to spray a “brown liquid” in the produce section of a Harris Teeter. The mysterious liquid was later determined to be feces, The Charleston Post and Courier reported.

The State reported that officers were called to the grocery store at around 1 p.m. about a man violating a trespass notice. Upon their arrival, police arrested the suspect, identified as Pau Suan Hang. At that time, a store manager revealed that Hang sprayed an unknown brown substance onto the produce.

The produce section was temporarily shut down as it was cleaned and inspected by agents with the Department of Health and Environmental Control, according to The State.

Hang, 41, was originally arrested and charged with damage to personal property on October 15. However, a grand jury indicted him about two months later on reckless disregard to people and tainting products with intent to damage a business, according to the newspaper.

Officials told the Post and Courier that Hang destroyed more than $3,000 worth of food during the incident. He was reportedly placed on trespass notice from the store in November 2015. Despite this, reports indicate that he’s been arrested seven times on trespassing charges and has accused the grocery chain of owing him money.

Records also indicated that Hang is homeless.

Hang faces 13 years behind bars if convicted of federal charges. He reportedly appeared in U.S. District Court on Tuesday morning.


[Featured Image: Paul Suan Hang/Cannon Detention Center]