Workers find child wearing only diaper wandering in cold

MONSON, Mass. (AP) — Utility workers found a two-year-old girl wearing only a diaper wandering into traffic on a frigid day in Massachusetts.

Comcast Technicians Shawn Bronson and Michael Payne told The Boston Herald they were restoring service to customers in Monson Thursday when they spotted the child heading toward the middle of the road.

The workers scooped up the child and brought her to a store where they waited for police.

Bronson said she was “shaking” and had turned a “different color.” Police say the girl was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

The temperature was around 9 degrees when the girl was found.

Police say the child’s father was “completely unaware” she had wandered off. They say charges of reckless endangerment of a child are pending.

Police did not identify the father.