‘Somebody needs to pay for all of this!’: Mom of 17 who previously lived in single motel room with 12 kids says she’s facing eviction from home

A mother of 17 in Tampa, Florida, is in hot water yet again as she and her 12 children are reportedly facing eviction from their home during the holiday season.

Per WFLA, the Tampa Housing Authority pays for Angel Brown’s (neé Adams) rent. However, the mother and husband Eric Brown are entangled in a nasty court battle after the homeowner filed a notice of eviction.

The homeowner said they will remodel and resell the home and that they would no longer accept “Section 8” or rent assistance from their tenants, the station reported.

Eric and Angel were recently in court in regards to this change, alleging that they and their 12 children will be rendered homeless.

In 2010, the local station met with Angel–a single mother of 15–who was living with her 12 kids in a single motel room.  The encounter hit the Internet, where Angel became, for many, the epitome of what wrong with America’s welfare system.

“Somebody needs to pay for all of this!” she said during the now-viral broadcast.

It wasn’t long after that the Department of Children and Families intervened and got a home for Angel and her kids to live in. The station noted that Angel has been no stranger to the court system since then as she’s lost and regained custody of her dozen children.

The mother also grabbed national headlines again in 2012 after she accused officers of using a Taser on her while she was pregnant with her 16th child. The Daily Mail reported that the incident occurred after police came to the Tampa home to speak with her son about throwing rocks.

“I told officers, ‘Don’t come in my house. You don’t have a search warrant,” Angel, then 39, told Tampa Bay Online.  “And then he pushed me out the way over here like this [up against the wall].”

The ordeal allegedly escalated when Angel’s 21-year-old daughter got into the mix and began fighting officers. Angel and her daughter were both arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Housing Authority recently put a halt to paying rent due to ongoing maintenance issues at the residence. WFLA wrote that the couple also owes about $600 for an overdue power bill that the agency did attempt to pay for. Angel explained in court that she used the money to evacuate her family during Hurricane Irma instead.

“When they told us to get out, I used that money to evacuate and get my children where they needed to be,” she said.

In court, Judge Michael Williams explained why this matter was out of their hands before ordering the Browns to find a new home by January 15.

“You are asking me to make an agency to pay money above and beyond what they have committed to pay and I don’t have that authority,” he said.

[Featured Image: WFLA video screengrab]