Missing teen who posted on Facebook about stalker found dead days after getting restraining order: Police

A Colorado teen who reportedly vanished after obtaining a restraining order against her alleged stalker was found dead last week in a wooded area in North Denver.

According to People, Natalie Bollinger, 19, was last seen alive leaving her parent’s home December 28 and was reported missing that evening. A passerby discovered her body in an unincorporated region in Adams County the following day.

“There is a 26-hour time period that is missing where we don’t have anyone who was talking to her through social media or by text, or in person or on the telephone,” Adams County Sheriff Mike McIntosh said during a press conference Wednesday, according to the Daily Camera.

McIntosh said they’re zeroing in on those 26 hours because they don’t believe she had contact with anyone during that crucial time frame.

Posted by Natalie Marie on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Weeks before her disappearance, Bollinger allegedly wrote on Facebook about a man stalking her. On December 13, she accused a man named Shawn Schwartz of repeatedly calling and texting her after she crossed paths with him two years earlier.

According to the teen, Schwartz would threaten to kill himself and harass her family and friends. In one alleged incident, the man was arrested for sitting in front of her home for hours and honking his horn.

“He’s sent emails for over a year close to everyday, harassing me,” she wrote. “He’s mentally ill and I’m trying to fix this.”

The Daily Camera reported that she sought a restraining order against Schwartz about two weeks before her death. She was granted the order on December 22.

“We have talked to him,” McIntosh said Wednesday. “We are not ready to call anyone a suspect, but it’s certainly a part of our investigation.”

In a video posted to Facebook, Bollinger’s alleged stalker denied involvement in the teen’s disappearance.

“Go find Natalie. Stop picking on me, stop blaming me, and go find her,” he wrote in a comment accompanying the video.

“I spent a lot of time at the cop shop today trying to help. Cops scratched me off their list, so stop being an a**hole and help find her.”

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information about Natalie Bollinger’s disappearance and death is urged to call 303-654-1850 or 303-288-1535.

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Posted by Shawn Schwartz on Friday, December 29, 2017

[Featured Image: Natalie Bollinger/Broomfield Police Department]