MIRACLE: Beautiful little boy survives savage 20 minute mauling by pit bull

Boy’s father: “I don’t blame the breed of dog, I blame the owner because of what he taught the dog”

A Kansas boy will undergo extensive reconstructive surgery after a neighbor’s German shepherd pit bull mixed breed dog allegedly savagely mauled him while he played.

KWCH reported that Chance Orozco, 10, was attacked December 5 as he played in a neighbor’s backyard with another kid. Enrique Galvez, the neighbor and other child’s father, supposedly ran over to the 10-year-old’s home to tell his mother that he was injured.

Orozco miraculously survived the attack but will undergo months of surgery. According to The Kansas City Star, a relative told local media that the child has a “golf-ball”-sized wound on the back of his head that doctors are working to close.

Finney County Undersheriff John Andrews confirmed that Orozco sustained substantial injuries to the face and neck. The Star wrote that the child lost his left ear and might lose vision in his left eye due to the attack.

The newspaper also reported that Orozco still can’t speak and is too weak to write messages on a dry-erase board. The Kansas Highway Patrol estimated that the mauling lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Kansas Highway Patrol Captain Randy Mosher told The Garden City Telegram that he responded to the grisly scene and that Orozco was able to provide basic information like his name but “didn’t understand what was going on.”

His family claimed that it’s unclear what caused the dog, which was later euthanized, to attack as it was chained to a tree on the day in question. Mosher noted that the dog was still tethered to the tree, not far from the child, when he arrived.

“I don’t blame the breed of dog, I blame the owner because of what he taught the dog,” the child’s father, Stephen Orozco, told KWCH.

A GoFundMe was set up to cover the 10-year-old’s mounting medical bills. The fundraiser has amassed $5,349 as of Thursday evening.

Andrews claimed that the dog’s owner wasn’t cited because there were no violations. The news station reported that there appears to be no investigation into the attack.

[Featured Image: Chance Orozco/GoFundMe]