Thursday Crime Stories: ‘Pet’ dogs found gnawing rib-bone of gorgeous young owner

PLUS: Nude photos of patient taken in surgery

Why would a dog attack its owner during a walk? Nancy Grace talks with animal trainer and zoologist Dr. Grey Stafford about several recent attacks on humans by dogs. Forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan and Crime Stories contributing reporter Scott Kimbler join the discussion in this Crime Stories episode.

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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Ben Schmitt updates Nancy on his reporting on the scandalous story of a patient who is suing a hospital after she saw a nude photo taken of her by hospital staff during surgery. Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall weighs in.

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And how can your cell phone kill you? Nancy talks with co-host Alan Duke about several deaths blamed on people talking on their smart phones while in the bath tub.

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[Feature Photo: Bethany Stephens/Handout]