Friday Crime Stories: Mom confesses to killing girl, coldly says she was too busy to handle young daughter

PLUS: Dogs left to freeze in arctic blast

An Ohio mother tells cops she killed her 5-year-old daughter because the child had become too much to handle after a visit with her grandparents. The confession video shows Mingming Chen complaining that she did not have the “four hands” necessary to discipline little Ashley Zhao, so she killed her and told her husband to “deal with it.”

The father stuffed the child behind a freezer in their restaurant before calling police to report her missing. Nancy Grace digs into this case with journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, creator of, New York psychologist Dr. Pat Saunders, private investigator Vincent Hill, lawyer and child advocate Ashley Willcott, and Crime Stories co-host, Alan Duke.

WATCH: ‘Mom’ admits to killing her daughter, asking husband to help cover up murder in chilling video confession

Nancy and guests also look at horrific cases of animal cruelty by dog owners who leave their pets out in the cold to freeze to death during the arctic blast that has frozen much of the United States in recent days.

Animal Cruelty! Woman faces charges after dead dog found frozen solid and covered in feces on New Year’s Day

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[Feature Photo: Ashley Zhao/Police Handout]