Inseparable elderly couple die within hours of each other after wife freezes looking for husband outside in the cold

An elderly couple reportedly died within hours of one another as the husband suffered a massive heart attack while outside and the wife froze to death trying to find him.

The Canadian Press reported that Grant Triebner, 90, and Ada Triebner, 83, died near their farm in Ontario, Canada. Provincial police said they were called to the farm Wednesday, where they found Grant’s body near an open barn.

Paramedics pronounced the elderly couple dead at the scene. A funeral notice indicated that Grant died of a heart attack. Constable Jamie Stanley said that Ada braved freezing temperatures to search for her husband but never returned.

“She ultimately fell victim to the extreme environmental conditions and was found outside on the property,” Stanley said in a statement.

Inside Edition noted that temperatures dropped to 14 degrees the night before the Canadian couple was discovered.

Meanwhile, their family described Grant and Ada Triebner, a former farmer and bus driver, as “two beautiful lights” who loved to laugh and reminisce about earlier times.

“They very obviously adored each other,” relatives Rob and Karen Jolly said in a condolence notice.

Family friend Martha Heywood told The Toronto Star that Ada suffered “a little” from dementia and Grant had health issues but that “he was determined that he could take care of Ada as she had taken care of him all those years.”

Grant and Ada will be laid to rest on Monday. According to The Star, the Triebners will share a marker with their son, Mark, who died in 1987. Before their death, the couple reportedly arranged for Bible verse John 11:25 to be etched on their gravestone.

“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die,” it’ll read.


[Featured Image: Grant Triebner and Ada Triebner/Haskett Funeral Home]