Teen who shot parents to death may have been abused: Teacher says boy was denied food, forced to sleep on garage floor

A Texas teen accused of murdering his adoptive parents may have been abused, KDFW-TV reports.

Carl Edward Brewer, now 18, is scheduled to stand trial in three weeks for allegedly killing his mom and dad in November 2016.

Recently obtained court records indicate the teenage had a difficult home life. Brewer’s teachers told authorities that his parents physically and mentally abused him. One teacher said that if Brewer got into trouble, he was forced to sleep on a concrete floor in the family’s garage and wouldn’t be fed.

He also was allegedly forced to hold buckets for extended periods of time.

“The opinions are that perhaps he was in a very bad home life situation. He was adopted,” court documents state.

Brewer’s defense lawyer, Jack Strickland, said the trial may be more about motive than guilt.

“There’ve been people that have — friends or people at school, whether neighbors or co-workers — that seem to have some insight into the family dynamics which were not ideal for this kid and his brothers.”

Brewer was reportedly angry at his father at the time of the murders. The teen told a friend about the killings while they were smoking marijuana, and that friend later contacted authorities. A nearly 12-hour standoff ensued and then officers arrested Brewer, according to WFAA-TV. He initially told police he shot his mother on accident and then shot his dad.

Brewer may have attempted to clean up blood from within the family’s home and use furniture dollies to move both of the bodies.

Brewer has said he’s sorry about what happened and does not deny it, according to Strickland.

“I’ve got to tell you, he’s very remorseful about this,” Strickland said. “He realizes what a poor choice he may have made for himself.”

Before the standoff, police had been called to the home 16 times since 2010. Brewer was previously arrested after a car chase.

[Feature Photo: Carl Edward Brewer/Crowley Police Department]